Weight Loss


There are many weight loss programs in out there. If you are serious about losing weight, rather than trying another fad diet, end it once and for all with our healthcare professional designed program to reset your metabolism. Dr. Paul will work with you based on your individual needs, timeline and budget.

This can be as simple as a diet change and can be as dramatic as custom food management, detoxing, hormones, massage and chiropractic.

Through healthy eating and a host of proven, effective guidelines, the Fontana Family Chiropractic three-phased program will help you achieve the results you desire. Then transition to a diet that is suitable for your lifestyle.

Our program includes a diet rich in organic foods to leverage their unique chemical compositions, while eliminating those foods and products unhealthy for your body and inhibiting your progress.

This program uses natural hormones that reset your metabolism at the hypothalamus level for long-term results. The hypothalamus moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage and, more importantly, your metabolic rate. An individualized weight loss program is designed to help you prepare, plan, and positively change your lifestyle habits for the long term.

Stop being a statistic of chronic disease, joint pain and other weight related health issues!

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